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Arrow-Tag for adults and kids

Arrow Tag in Berlinarrow tag

Arrow Archery Tag: The new game for leisure and teambuilding

This new trend sport is now also available at KiCKERWorld Berlin-Spandau!

With Arrow-Tag or Archery-Tag you go hunting equipped with a bow, protective mask and arrows.

Admittedly, your arrows are not really dangerous, after all, we don't want any injuries! However, you get arrows with a foam tip. However, the flight characteristics are similar to those of real arrows. The hits remain painless. Protective mask and forearm protection are of course still important, because we want to rule out any risk of injury.

A 30 × 15 meter indoor playing field with various coverings is available to you during the game.

Never had a bow in your hand? No problem, because you don't need any previous bow and arrow experience.

Now it's up to you which tactic you choose. But regardless of whether you cover your opponent with arrows or wait specifically for the perfect shot, Arrow-Tag is always a hit.

Now draw your bow between fun, tactics and action!

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